About Daisy

I am a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in beautiful Southern Oregon + San Diego. I love what I do so much sometimes I feel guilty calling it a "job" because it's too much fun! I get to be creative and meet amazing people who continually inspire me to not only be a great photographer, but to be an even better person. I get to document some of the happiest moments in life and that, my friend, makes me one lucky girl :)

Some fun facts:

I have two beautiful, bright, spunky daughters!

I have major wanderlust. I love traveling, discovering new places and meeting new people. When I'm on a trip, I am on the go. Can't sit still. Too much to see and learn.

I am a "foodie." I like dining out with friends and even more I love cooking at home and eating with my family.

I often laugh at my own jokes. I admit that I'm not that funny, but it never stops me from laughing.

I'm a huge movie junkie. In h.s., I ran the projectors at my local theater. I watched free movies and ate way too much popcorn and jalapenos. It was awesome!

I love learning. I studied Journalism and Anthropology at SDSU. I am very fascinated with people. I ask a ton of questions because I'm truly interested in you.

I get giddy when I find a photobooth. I have a special scrapbook just for my photobooth strips. My dream is to own my own booth one day.

I adore vintage / thrift stores and swap meets. I love the great deals and not knowing what I'm going to find.

I love, love, love the outdoors! I've done everything from open water swimming to scuba diving, hiking tall peaks, jumping out of a plane, camping during the summers, roadtrips and more...There's nothing like the freedom and clarity of being in the ocean, up in the mountains or out on the open road.

I currently live in Southern Oregon but also call San Diego my home. I am drawn to the natural beauty and solace of this place.

I am fascinated with all animals. I am particularly "obsessed" with sharks, mountain lions and grizzly bears. If you ever get me started on the topic, I'll probably talk your ear off.

I was once in an all-girl punk band. I grew up playing music and truly believe that having that outlet opened my mind and soul.

I am passionate about photography. I discovered my love for photography my junior year in high school. Ansel Adams was a major inspiration at that time.

I am driven by emotion and nostalgia. I love the way music can let your mind wander, the way a scent of a candle is reminiscent of a time or the way a photograph makes you want to cry or laugh with giddiness. My goal is not to make the perfect picture or to pose the perfect model, but to create something real and pure, to evoke emotion and truly capture that day and that time in your life. Many years down the line, you'll look back at those photographs, and all the feelings of joy and excitement come flooding back. This is why I love photography.