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Last April, the girls and I met up with a few of our very good friends in Savannah, Georgia. Why Savannah, you may ask? Well, Savannah happens to be the birth place of the first girl scout member, Juliette Lowe, and we all met through girl scouts.

Savannah has a certain charm that I fell in love with…from the architecture, to the history, the incredibly polite and engaging people, the soulful music that filled the streets to the delicious southern food! I’ve never eaten so much fried food in my life (okay, maybe when I was a kid I did), but we totally indulged. We walked up and down the streets, seeing, tasting and discovering the heart of this amazing city.

 The first day, the girls were obsessed with the moss. I mean obsessed!

Southern California has no traces of Autumn. It’s a sad fact. So when the the girls saw this pile of leaves, there was only one thing to do…jump on it and destroy it! Then repeat.

…and make leaf angels

Remember Forest Gump? Love that movie! I was super stoked to find the spot where Forest is sitting on a bench and says “Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get.”


Amy and Sophia. Friends since kindergarten. These two always end up in giggles.

LOVED all of Spanish moss!

The kids loved them too. Maybe too much.

Forsyth Park was beautiful.

My kid…not a day of yoga in her life and she decides to start in this finely decorated restroom.

That’s Sam. We sang “lean on me” together and chatted about his life in Savannah. Sweetest man I’ve met on the trip.

I drank nothing but sweet tea. Sweet tea all day. Because that’s what you do in the south, right?

Love these little goofballs.

Doesn’t these train tracks remind you of the scenes leading up to Terminus from the Walking Dead?

We visited the very First African Baptist Church in the United States. It was amazing to hear about the history of this church, that had visitors like Martin Luther King, Jr. and housed runaway slaves underneath the floors during the Underground Railroad days. You can see in the image below the holes in the floor that enabled them to breathe when they were hiding out.


Best girls trip!
Below is the link to a short video from our trip!!! Enjoy!

Savannah from Daisy Varley on Vimeo.

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