2014. A year of love, laughter and adventure!

What an amazing, fulfilling year! Oh, the places we have been and the people we have met. This was a year of growth and discovery.

I love and crave adventure. Some trips I take with my girls, some with a great friend and others I go alone. As my girls get older, it gets even more exciting to be able to show them the world and light that fire inside them that’s been blazing inside me my whole life. I am able to share my love of traveling with them and experiencing life through their eyes is pretty rad.

This past year, we traveled to Phoenix where we met up with some great friends and reconnected with family I haven’t seen since I was a kid. We also camped in Joshua Tree, Yosemite, explored Salvation Mountain and flew to Savannah, Georgia where we met up with great friends and ate lots of southern food!

Hiking is one of my greatest passions in life. I hiked up Mt. Whitney in May with a great group of people. With little to no sleep, we spent the day trekking through snow to the tallest peak in the continental U.S. It was one of the most challenging and amazing experiences. Later in the Summer, I hiked to the top of Half Dome with a childhood friend of mine who had never hiked before. I was so proud of her! I also took a road trip with one of my best friends to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Arches National Park where we hiked, explored, camped, and sang an insane amount of Madonna songs in the car. Unforgettable.

In August, I hopped on the back of a Harley and spent a week experiencing first hand the elements..rain, hail, wind and sunshine. It was completely different and wonderful! We rode through the mountains of Colorado, the lonely highways of Utah and the long empty roads of Wyoming that went on for miles without a person in sight. The only thing keeping us company were the spectacular cotton candy clouds in the sky. I slept on a plateau and looked at stars so bright and clear we could see the milky way in all of its glory. Life there is so simple. I had never experienced such hospitality and genuine kindness like I have from the people there.

During this past year, I also met someone who has changed my life in the most amazing ways. Have you ever had a connection with someone so strong that you can feel it deep within your soul? It’s a beautiful thing. If I have learned anything it’s that the moment you stop trying and just let things be, good things will come when you least expect it.

As I get older, I know the true value of family, relationships and knowing who you are and what truly matters. I’m trying my best not to focus on what’s to come but being present in this moment. And I am going to take every opportunity to smile, travel, be happy, take risks and try new things and to make sure that the people in my life know that they are loved and valued.

Below is our 2014 video, which is just a few glimpses of the people we love and the places we have been. So go grab some popcorn and jalapeƱos (my favorite!) and enjoy!!!

Looking back at 2014 from Daisy Varley on Vimeo.



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